The spread of COVID-19 coronavirus has been recognized by the World Health Organization as a global pandemic. Health care units (hospitals, outpatient clinics) are primarily exposed to problems resulting from insufficient protection against infection. In particular, this applies to those facilities that provide services not related to COVID-19. Lack of access to medical services can significantly increase the victims of an ongoing pandemic.

We support hospitals by introducing robots. We automate work, support communication, protect patients. The works work 24 hours. To help you deal with the situation efficiently, we share experience and technology by preparing a “robotic package” in several key areas for hospitals. The campaign is nationwide #robots_for_hospitals.

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  • Maximum process automation and remote patient service
  • Telemedicine support
  • Quick adjustment of the service model to changes in the needs and behavior of patients
  • Revision of service models taking into account operational risk on the site and patients
  • Revision of the goals and conditions of using services enabling maintaining a high standard of service and trust
  • Building corrective service strategies allowing for a quick return to operations after the crisis
  • Automation of administrative work
  • Shortening the time of patient service while increasing their number
  • Support in remote patient serviceImproving hospital-patient communication
  • Quality control of services
  • Support in analyzing research results
  • Analysis of hospital liquidity situation and determination of the demand for new products in a crisis situation
  • Preparation of an efficiency improvement and process improvement plan
  • Monitoring of the use of funds and products
  • Automation of purchasing processes and support in rescue financing
  • Management of critical company processes in the event of staff shortages:
    • accounting, controlling, compliance
    • shopping, internal audit
    • HR, IT
  • Communication with employees
  • Monitoring of the use of funds and products
  • Automation of purchasing processes and support in rescue financing
  • Modeling of alternative supply chain scenarios
  • Simulation of inventory allocation in various scenarios
  • Analysis of costs and risks of alternative scenarios
  • Automate the involvement of additional logistics providers


We are improving the patient registration system. Please fill out the electronic form before the first admission to the Department planned and confirmed by the Institute. The form is verified by the robot and the data are entered into the hospital system. The completed form will facilitate and improve admission to the ward and shorten the patient's expectations and registration process in the Admission Room. Robotic technology supports employees of CZD 24 hours a day.

Robotization of the admission process for first-time patients


Admitting a patient to the Ward and the registration process in the Admission Room takes quite a long time. We want to change this using the help of a softare robot. The Robotics Center team, supported by G1ANT robotic technology and CZD IT employees have developed a solution to improve the process.




  • Shortening patient service time
  • Limiting the long waiting time for registration
  • Increasing the number of patients served
  • Reducing the risk of infecting staff and patients
  • Improving hospital-patient information flow


  • Online first-time patient registration system
  • The robot registers patients in the hospital system (HIS)
  • The robot works 24 hours
  • Limiting personal contacts to a minimum
  • The robot verifies the correctness of the collected data


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