What is a robotic audit of processes?

It is an individual approach to recognize customer needs in terms of processes in the organization and to determine the potential of using solutions in the field of robotic process automation (RPA).

Purpose and methodology

The purpose of the robotic audit of processes is to search for areas in the organization that ultimately increase it’s cash flow.

Automation of business processes with software robots (Robotic Process Automation) is a powerful pillar of digital transformation in every company, because it leads to process optimization, and these determine the competitive advantage in today’s highly digital world. It is a solution to many problems such as: the lack of qualified staff, demotivation of employees performing repetitive and routine activities, low efficiency of work in the back- and front-office, and still insufficient IT resources. An analysis of the readiness of European companies to implement robotics indicates that 3/4 of them did not plan any steps for this year because (among the others), they suffer lack of knowledge about processes and tools.

For this reason, we offer our clients a service of processes audit, during which we approach each organization and its needs individually and examine its processes in scope of the application of automation and robotization solutions.

The several-day audit consists primaly of individual conversations with designated employees of a given department, in order to discuss standard activities performed by employees and select from them the ones with the greatest potential – both: in terms of generated savings and the possibility of their automation.

Identifying the right potential for robotization and providing recommendations for specific processes gives the customer the comfort of receiving a comprehensive solution combining verification of processes by our experts, and ultimately providing a robotics solution for which we take full responsibility.


Exemplary use cases

Accounting: Accounts Payable (AP); Accounts Receivable (AR); reconciliation of open items; posting of incoming and outgoing invoices etc.

Taxes: data preparation for tax returns (e.g. VAT declaration); verification of data and compliance between VAT declaration and JPK files; verification of contractor’s data within the “White List” etc.

Debt Collection: sending monits and reminders to debtors; maintaining relationships with contractors; generating overdue debtors reports and aging lists etc.

Controlling: preparing data for reports (daily, weekly, monthly); generating provisions for costs and revenues; preparation of simple ratio analysis; comparison tables of performance vs estimation figures etc.

HR: new employees on-boarding; generating payroll and employees remuneration reports; preparation of earnings confirmations for the finance institutions; downloading data from Social Security (ZUS) portals etc.

Sales: placing orders for customers (O2C); searching for potential clients; sales campaigns through social media; sales-support (both front- and back-office) etc.

Marketing: profiled marketing campaigns; communication with existing and potencial clients via social media; maintaining relationships with business partners, etc.

Logistics: registration of shipments on customer portals; offering and tendering process support on transportation portals; tracking and tracing of shipments; preparation of reports (inventory rotation, occupancy of storage places) etc.

Procurement: support of purchasing activities (P2P); verification of correctness of internal order placement; preparation of price lists based on submitted offers; verification of compliance of documents sent by suppliers (offers, invoices, notes) based on internal control procedures etc.

Administration: processing of fixed assets master data; verification of correct use of fixed assets for the needs of the organization (AM); support in reporting activities (e.g. environmental waste) etc.


Client benefits and why is audit important from the customer’s perspective?

Thanks to the audit, the client can be sure, that the processes that will be veryfied during our audit, and which score our recommendation, will be effectively automated / robotized.

Processes recommended for automation realize a return on investment usually after 3 months.

After the audit, the client receives a report with a description of verified processes together with the estimated time savings, that can be achieved as a result of implementing specific RPA solutions, that we offer. We are able to implement our automation and robotization solutions within the period from few to several days – depending on the complexity of the processes.

Many organizations downplay the potencial issues connected with the incorrect verification of robotic potential in their processes, which means that many robotics projects end before they start. Selection of correct processes, that should start the robotization journey is crucial from the perspective of the people managing the organization and the possibility of scaling these solutions across the entire business area of ​​the enterprise.

What makes us unique ?

The combination of subject matter expertise and technological knowledge is an extremely valuable resource on the side of the service provider, which we possess and effectively use, by providing our clients with added value in the form of solutions tailored to their actual needs, which in turn are translating into measurable savings in a relatively short period of time.

We encourage you to use our Robotic Audit to verify your processes, in scope of their potential for the automation and robotization and to start together this amazing journey!

Audit scenario:

  • Choice of area for verification (usually agreed departments).

  • Team training on audit methodology and the basics of robotization of processes.

  • Individual interviews, process and technical analysis.

  • Creating documents and recommendations.

  • Presentation of the audit results along with the calculation of savings and the costs of creating automation.

    Time: usually 3 - 5 days.

    Place: Customer's headquarters

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