Robotization of processes in an organization is a complicated, but fascinating and adventurous journey. In order to avoid mistakes, it is worth using the help of a partner who will safely guide the organization through this process.

As an experienced player (international projects; many industries; hundreds of processes and automation), Robot Center provides comprehensive consulting services in the field of RPA introduction to the organization.

Proven methodology. Extensive process knowledge, technological experience in digital transformation is a guarantee that Robotic Process Automation will not only be a curiosity, but will bring the organization to a higher level in terms of FTE savings, increased security or business development. As part of the activities, we distinguish, among others, the following stages:


Robotic audit. Searching for and selecting suitable candidates for robotization is not an easy task. Very often, after the first few automations made in-house, the effect of “exhausting the potential” occurs. Properly conducted interviews, workshops combined with the analysis of process dependencies, process optimization, internal communication, knowledge transfer, and if necessary, additionally supported by Process Discovery tools – it allows you to discover the real potential hidden in organizations.Therefore, we usually start our common path with our clients with a robotic audit – a service consisting each time of an individual approach to identify customer needs in terms of processes in the organization and the potential of using automation and robotization solutions in them.

Technology. There are dozens of major suppliers of intelligent automation solutions on the market. So which one should you choose? Specialists from our center follow the development of leading tools on an ongoing basis and are able to optimally support the selection. This is additionally helped by:

Building a robots. How to automate so that the end result is really satisfactory? As a supplier of final, tailor-made solutions for our clients, but also the initiator and coordinator of #RPAHACKATHON, we care about good practices in the field of creating robots. Effect? Less license consumption, faster and more effective automation, lower maintenance cost.

Trainings. A wide range of training: introductory, motivational, process and business, operational, project management, construction of the Center of Excellence, and development. The trainings are characterized by a large dose of practical experience gained from the implementation of projects in many industries, processes and organizations. Are you the manager of a given area? Ask for dedicated training such as: How to hire a robot in HR, Finance, IT, logistics, marketing, sales and many, many others.

Good practises of cooparation IT & Business. Who should bring South Africa to your organization? What changes in IT architecture and procedures must occur? How to secure the implementation of RPA projects so that they comply with internal security procedures? These are just some of the issues that must logically fit into the robotic evolution and in which we can help using our experience.

Robotic Project Management. How is the process analysis in the X or Y methodology different from the robotic analysis? How to manage change and communication. How to document and implement individual automation? Identifying allies and risk factors? How to make robotics something natural, giving a positive business effect, not design chaos?

Internal RPA Center of Excellence (RPA CoE). We implement comprehensive RPA CoE construction projects. We allow to avoid mistakes and make the created team fulfill the company’s needs in an optimal way. Fast, effective and safe.


Interested in increasing efficiency in RPA implementation?