Robotization of processes in an organization is a journey that is equally fascinating and adventurous as it is complicated. To avoid mistakes, it is worth finding a partner who will safely guide the organization through this process.

As an experienced player (international projects, multiple industries, hundreds of processes and implemented automations), Robotics Center of Excellence provides comprehensive consulting service of introducing RPA in organizations.

Robot as a service subscription model

There is a variety of models of utilising robots in an organization. They can evolve depending on the level of automation of a client’s organization. Subscription model can be described in the following simplified way:

It is targeted at organizations which would like to avoid investments stemming from relatively high initial costs that are connected with yearly robotic licenses and employment of qualified technical personnel or alternatively payment to a service receiver for those costs on the basis of time&material at the stage of building the solution.

The licence and solution development can be calculated as a monthly rate, which covers the selected indicators of the automated process. We specialize in such a billing model, due to the fact that it is flexible, linked to gained benefits and ensures the highest utilization of the same licence.

Outsourcing of developing process automations

We offer service-based automation center for companies and organizations.

This refers to a classic outsourcing of activities related to potential analysis, process and technology selection, solution development itself, testing, exception handling, production deployment, robot maintenance and support.

The service can be connected with sale of robotic licences as well as a broad spectrum of services described in the digitalization and artificial intelligence tabs, and extremely important matter of building digital leadership in a company. It is mainly aimed at entities that hold digital transformation as part of their business strategy and who for a variety of reason have decided not to establish their own automation center.

A proof of professionalism of our offer is the fact that our services are certified in terms of quality management system based on ISO 27001:2013 norm. The service has been delivered continuously since 2017 and we have implemented a full enterprise model with all best practices related to, among others, RPA governance. Additionally, we support clients in 5 countries, and our team of RPA developers, busines analysts, project managers and data scientists is continuously growing.

AIMATIC – incubator for automation centers for companies

We are the first company in Poland to offer an automation incubator similar to innovation incubator.

The service is targeted at middle- and large-sized entities that are undergoing rapid growth and thus more focused on value creation in the markets operated instead of optimising back-office processes. One does not rule out the other, yet in the times of limited supply of employees with qualifications needed in automation projects and relatively high costs at the beginning of the learning curve it is advisable to allow others to help you. At the touchpoint between the market champion and DAAI (Digitalization, Automation and Artificial Intelligence) professional, projects are created that are worthy of use-cases from Harvard Business Review.

The automation incubator is dedicated and tailor-made to automate the client’s first 20 processes, while building the structure of an automation center in parallel, which covers: equipping it with essential competences for technology utilization, leading IT projects, leading the change in the organization, selection of technology providers, building the funnel of demand for automations inside the organization, management of the center in either centralised or decentralised model, building buy-in in the organization and variety of tasks related to robot production controlling.

Sale of robotic licences

This seemingly simplest service has far-reaching financial consequences for the client, which is why it is preceded by extensive vendor and technology assessment, which is verification of the vendor and solution itself in terms of a whole spectrum of specific conditions.

We assist in selecting each component of robotic technology, relevant to short-term and long-term automation plans, which can be scaled up as the number of automation implementations increases. Investment in licences has to generate ROI (assumed return in a time unit), so that the effects of automation projects can be measurable and controllable.

We offer sale of licences for the below-listed technological stack: