Implementation of automation and robotization in an organization is a complex and difficult process. Many companies which tried to go this path alone have learned first-hand how many complex matters are involved in the process – starting from soft topics e.g. eliciting a desired approach in the employees, through gathering subject matter knowledge about each process to select the correct ones for further automation, to end with subjects related to pure development and maintenance of software-robots.

Without thorough analysis of robotic potential, we do not recommend introducing the process of digital transformation in the client’s organization, as in this area technology is not really the most important – process and project approach is much more significant.

Not every process is suitable for implementing software-robots. How to make the choice and qualify? What conditions does an activity or a process have to fulfil? Below you will see several of the main selection criteria, which are followed by further more detailed ones.

If you want to have certainty of adequate process selection for their automation and robotization – be sure to take advantage of our robotic audit.